We’re continuing our new series, “Love My Job.” Each article features someone who loves working in Marina del Rey and shares a bit about what they do every day! This month, we’ve got ProSUP Shop Manager Stephen Bohrer on deck. He helps run the family-owned paddle board and kayak rental shop at Marina “Mother’s” Beach. Read below to learn why Stephen loves his job. 

Person holding stand-up paddle board working in Marina del Rey

Stephen Bohrer, Manager at ProSUP Shop in Marina del Rey











What was your first job?

My first job I was 15 working at a pumpkin and apple farm driving tractors and farming the fields. While this kept me outdoors, which I love, it was far away from my favorite place, the water.

What is your favorite part about working at ProSUP Shop?

Favorite part about Pro SUP Shop has to be the relaxing atmosphere that comes with working at the beach. Everyone is happy when they are at Pro SUP Shop. Customers and employees - everyone loves our beach vibe and it makes me feel glad to have a job where I make people’s day just by showing up!

What's the most unique part about working here?

The most unique part of the job has to be all the questions asked by the customers wanting to know more information about the marina and how our business operates. Often people want to know if I surf, which I like best, kayaks or paddleboards? Sometimes they want to know how I got this job. I tell them I was just lucky!

What is your proudest moment working at ProSUP Shop?

Proudest moment working at the shop is having a good review written up that includes the process we go through each and every day. As a service business we live and die by reviews. Pro SUP Shop prides itself on giving each and every customer a wonderful experience while at the shop and on the water. Knowing how our customers appreciate all we do and would take the time to write about it is just one of the things I love about working here.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work here?

A key part of the job one needs to understand when applying is - our customers are our guests. Whatever we can do to make their experience top notch - that’s job 1. From making sure the shop is kept organized, to figuring out how our processes can be improved, to just keeping a great sense of camaraderie and excitement can keep our customers coming back to the water.

Kayak or Paddle Board?

Kayaking and paddle boarding have their own advantages. When kayaking you can just sit and relax, not worry about correcting your line too much. However with paddle boarding you need to always have your wits about you. I’m a fan of kayaking just for the relaxing aspect. But there is something about gliding over the calm water of the marina on a paddleboard that just creates such peace. We’re lucky we have both options for customers.

Favorite hobbies when you're off the clock?

Being out on the water is a favorite of mine - but fishing is my number one hobby. Just knowing I have nothing to worry about when the fishing pole is in hand.