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Outdoor Workouts to Try in 2023

Outdoor workouts might just do the trick to make exercising more fun in the New Year. We rounded up several outdoor workout classes and activities in Marina del Rey for you to try in 2023. Scroll below to view outdoor workouts in MDR and increase your  Vitamin D and “Vitamin Sea!” 


We asked YOGAqua owner and founder Sarah Tiefenhaler for tips on how to stay motivated and work out all year long (and not just in January!): 

“Stay consistent! As soon as you see and feel those positive changes in your body, it won’t be hard, you’ll be hooked.  The biggest challenge is getting started, so get started!  You’ll be grateful you did.  Because a healthy body doesn’t just positively change your world, it effects those around you as well.  Exercising consistently gives a person more energy overall, so just think about what you can do with it! Let’s face it, having more energy and feeling fit puts you in a better mood, stress levels drop, it helps you to be more productive at work, it’s easier (and more fun) to chase your kiddos around, etc! Making your health a priority will change your whole world!” 

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Beach Fitness Class

One of the newest outdoor workout classes is a Marina del Rey beach boot camp on the sand at Marina "Mother's" Beach. Brought to you by the folks at YOGAqua, the 50-minute class is designed to increase strength and endurance including a restorative cool down to nicely stretch out all the muscles. 

"Working out on the sand does add an extra strengthening benefit for sure," says YOGAqua founder and owner Sara Tiefenthaler. "What's more is that you're outside, under the sun and soaking up all that wonderful Vitamin D!  You're breathing in the fresh air and you have an ocean view!  You can't beat that."

Click here to learn more about YOGAqua Beach Bootcamp. The first class is only $15! Or check out Marina Athletic Club, also offering weekly beach bootcamp classes at Marina "Mother's" Beach.

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Marina del Rey is part of the 22-mile paved bike trail that runs from Will Rogers State Beach, through Santa Monica beach, Manhattan Beach and south to Torrance. Get a nice cardio workout by cycling to one of those destinations from the Marina.

Rent bikes at Fisherman's Village through Daniel's Bicycle Rentals. Or if you're staying at one of the local Marina del Rey hotels, ask the front desk as many offer complimentary bicycles for guests. Click button to view the bike map.

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Mix up your fitness routine with some outdoor adventure in the harbor. According to Paddling Magazine, kayaking works your core through torso rotation movement and your cardio through fast-paced, heart-pumping movement.

Kayak rentals are available from the following outfitters in the Marina: ProSUP Shop, and Marina del Rey Boat Rentals.

Stand-up Paddling

One of the fastest growing water sports is SUP: stand-up paddling. This water sport is quite popular as a recreational activity and outdoor workout in Marina del Rey. If you think it's not for you, think again. This activity might look like you're balancing on a surfboard—but, the paddle board is more bouyant and more stable; it's usually longer, heavier and thicker than a surfboard. Paddling lessons and harbor tours are available from the following vendors in the Marina:

Paddle Method
ProSUP Shop
Marina del Rey Boat Rentals

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One way to take your workout outside and challenge yourself is a floating yoga class—as in, make the ocean your yoga mat. Held weekly Thursday through Sunday, you can take a 90-minute Vinyasa Yoga flow class on the calm waters at Marina "Mother's" Beach. All levels are welcome and each class includes a brief lesson on stand-up paddling. Then, each board has an individual anchor dropped down into the water before the yoga portion of the class begins. Owner and founder Sara Tiefenhaler share this advice for someone who wants to start a new outdoor workout:  

"Go into it open-minded!  Don't think you already have to be in shape to start.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Keep in mind, although the first class may feel challenging, you will get stronger! With consistency, you will begin to notice positive changes in your body, your sleep and overall energy throughout the day-all just within that first month!"

Click button to learn more about YOGAqua classes.

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