Boat captain on boat sailing in the harbor


Imagine waking up every day to the sounds of seagulls, feeling the fresh ocean breeze on your face, and spending your workday cruising the beautiful harbor. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, this month we’re excited to feature Captain Trevor Durant with City Cruises, and get an inside look at why he loves his job. From navigating the waters to entertaining locals and visitors, Trevor’s passion for his work is contagious. Grab your life vest and hop aboard as we learn more about Captain Trevor’s journey!


Sailboat in the Marina del Rey channel with sunset background

1. How did you get started as a boat captain?

I grew up around bodies of water like going to Castaic Lake in the summer to wakeboard with friends and family on my dad’s boat or surfing at the beach. At the age of 29, I decided to learn how to sail and bought an 8-foot Sabot sailboat. And after being in the automotive insurance industry for almost a decade out of high school and with the timing of the pandemic, I decided to make a career change and worked towards obtaining my Captain’s License issued by the United States Coast Guard, formally known as a ‘Merchant Mariner Credential.’

hornblower cruising with passengers

2. What is your favorite part about your job?

Sailing has been an avenue for me to experience the shared energy of those passionate about seafaring. While Captaining both sailing yachts or motor yachts, it fills me with awe and gratitude for nature and life. It’s always a gift to share my love of the sea with others. 

boat clubs at Marina del Rey

3. Any tips on how to get started in the industry?

If you have no experience on the sea, you have to start at the bottom like I did with cleaning boats, refueling boats, and working as a deck hand. And try to learn how to sail – the route I took was buying a small affordable boat and learning by doing (as well as learning the hard way!). However, there are sailing classes out there for newbies as well. 

*Click on button for sailing classes in Marina del Rey.

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sunset sailing in marina del rey

4. Where do you go to view the sunset in Marina del Rey?

My favorite spot is watching all of the sailboats come into the harbor during the sunset sailboat race series. 

*Click button for the events calendar. The California Yacht Club's annual Sunset Series Regatta takes place every Wednesday in April through September.

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5. What can we find you doing when you're not at the helm of a boat?

Spending time with my wonderful and talented daughter!